Thursday, August 20, 2009

Style crushes - August 09

  1. Liquid leggings - mine from Vertigo, more retailers here
  2. Fedora / panama hat - call it what you will, these lil hats are the business. mine from Woolies but they're everywhere at the moment, some nice styles at Ska in Long Street, Cape Town
  3. TOMS Shoes - will this crush ever die... more TOMS women's styles here
  4. Long knitted waistcoat - pic displayed is copyright Ben Sherman (mine in pic 1 from Vertigo)
  5. High gladiator sandals - crushing since last summer but couldn't find any high ones in this country... now available at ALDO
  6. Handbag - spotted this on a fashion blog and it was love at first sight! More bags at Etsy


  1. nice hat copycat,nice dress copycat,only joking,bout the dress,you must get your sense of style from me,no doubt yo

  2. haha, funny mike! and just by the way - where is the dress!? it's a long waistcoat I'm wearing in pic 1......

  3. I've been obsessing over liqid leggings forever! Need to get some:)

  4. The bag (6) and the shoes (3) have a similar feel, but I wouldn't pair them with an outfit... Very nice separately.

  5. Oh nice shoes,hats and bags,i love handbags,are they made in an environmentally-friendly materials? I like the Panama hat,it is similar to my hat made by local artisan in Philippines.I have one pair of handbag,i bought in the web handmade bags i really like it, it is made in recycled candy wrappers and juice pouches.Excellent blog...