Monday, August 17, 2009

Totally unrelated

This weekend I finished reading 'The Furious Longong of God' by Brennan Manning, and bought some amazing sneakers. First though, about the book:

Nothing I've ever read has put into words the "wordless thoughts" (if that makes any sense..) of my heart like this book has. If you are serious about knowing the reality of the love that God has for you and the passion & purpose with which He longs for you to live in this life, I uuuuuurrrrrrrge you - get this book! It's not long (works well for me, not much of a long-book reader)... Here's an excerpt that just about had me jumping around screaming for joy that I wasn't the only one who felt this way:
"How is it that we’ve come to imagine that Christianity consists primarily in what we do for God? How has this come to be the good news of Jesus? Is the kingdom that he proclaimed to be nothing more than a community of men and women who go to church on Sunday, take an annual spiritual retreat, read their Bibles every now and then, vigorously oppose abortion, don’t watch x-rated movies, never use vulgar language, smile a lot, hold doors open for people, root for their favorite team, and get along with everybody? Is that why Jesus went through the bleak and bloody horror of Calvary? Is that why He emerged in shattering glory from the tomb? Is that why He poured out His Holy Spirit on the church? To make nicer men and women with better morals?

The gospel is absurd and the life of Jesus is meaningless unless we believe that He lived, died, and rose again with but one purpose in mind: to make brand-new creations. Not to make people with better morals, but to create a community of prophets and professional lovers, men and women who would surrender to the mystery of the fire of the Spirit that burns within, who would live in ever greater fidelity to the omnipresent Word of God, who would enter into the center of it all, the very heart and mystery of Christ, into the center of the flame that consumes, purifies, and sets everything aglow with peace, joy, boldness, and extravagant, furious love."

See what I'm saying?? So buy the print or order the e-book or download it on your kindle if you're that way inclined, or read it standing in the aisle at Exclusive Books. Do what you gotta do..

And on the sneaker note - got my brother a pair of these adidas kicks - coz they didn't have my size and I absolutely had to buy them! :) What do you think?? Not too far off from the asics I was drooling over last week eh!


  1. The addidas shoes are cool and fun :)

  2. flip shell love theses shoes mike will looks funny in then pass them this way hahhaha love u guys ... still cant get over these shoes so old skool love it ..

  3. i love these shoes!! too rad!! bring back the 90's!!

  4. also, I definitely need to be borrowing that book sometime soon!!

  5. thanx guys love them to